Crystallized Dragons

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Crystallized Dragons


After spending two days off the ark I wake up to see a screen no one likes to see. The screen of spawn areas and the blue map. But I knew something was up. No one knows where my base was at, only a friend I made but he transferred the day before I died. The bed was also missing so I can’t see if the base was wiped or not. I spawn in to try to check the tribe log, but all I see is create a new tribe. Those bastards of my old tribe kicked me after all the things I did for them. In my solid anger, I stole all of the valuable stuff and transferred out. I’m still pissed off so if you want to wipe the base out, the server number is 514 NA XBOX OFFICIAL. Cords are 90 LAT and 10 LON. Go and destroy the base of you want.

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