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Just figured this out: Heir Wyvern eggs hatch into normal variants of crystal Wyverns, but the level of the eggs relates to “taming effectiveness” when you tame a normal passive tame Wyvern. So, a 225 egg would be the equivalent of a 150 crystal Wyvern with a 100% perfect tame. I’ve found 195 eggs that hatch with 9,445 HP (official servers) and 358 Melee, but not all eggs have “better” stat rolls, it seems random but I’m researching it further. My technique was to build a large cage trap, steal the eggs then fly the parents back to the trap where I thin them out (and heal my blood Wyvern) by draining them of HP until 2 remained, then tranq them out one at a time and take their crystals, then finish them off, head to base to incubate the egg, then run off and passive tame a high level with my 15 crystals. Doing this brought in high level, high stat Wyverns for breed stock.

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