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Raising baby/eggs found

Only eat primal crystal while raising. And not notmal crystal or Raw meat or else.

Omg its the most easy baby you will raise

Its hatch and the food it already have can already last 1 day

On the next day i give it primal crystal until equal to HP, if you give more its wasted. Thats about it... maybe will need to give it food again a little bit before adult. But yea really i gave it 1-2 times primal crystal until reach same lvl of HP.

Seem to always want primal crystal when asked to imprint.

If you have cryopods, cryo it and throw it back and will ask something else.

Thats it 4days to adult.

Didnt need to cryo it while i go to sleep or else

It seem to consume 0.1 food each 10 sec or so, which is super slow and this is why it can last couples hours before first feed

Hope helped .

No one was writting tips bout babies so..... tumbs up if helped

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