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All shoulder mounts have a use.

-Meso throw poop at targets, slowing them down, like a cheap bola. That attack can also be useful for battles and PvP.

-Otters Insulate you, keeping you warm, or keeping you cool.

-Dimorphs Can act as a last ditch effort to save a tame from a creature, distracting it, until you can come in with backup. They are also good fighters, and decent for PvP.

-Archa can act as a parachute, also letting you glide to get places on foot faster, (e.g across your base, to a bush/tree etc.)

- Jerboa can predict the weather with noises.

- Pego can steal from players, have the invisible glitch, and act in a similar manner to Dimorphs. Not as good attack though.

But these?!? No Use! Horrible at PvP, bad attack, trash health, AND THEY NEED FLIPPING PRIME TO TAME! If they need prime to tame, they should at least have a use. They're nice to see run around in your home though... Anyway, these are so bad, they should have a use.

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