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Oddly enough, this was the first creature I actually bred. After taming 1 male and 2 females, I decided to breed them and their surprisingly easy to breed. They can literally breed in a single triangle foundation. Although many consider them useless. If you find a beached Meg near a group of these guys, you can easily tame one. I will say this, They make great meat backpacks early game. To be quite honest out of all of ark creatures, the compy is more of a fun pet, that is small enough to fit in most places, and can pay the rent by giving you an egg every now and then. If you have alot of time on your hands you can breed them to fill your base and level health and attack to make a great indoor swarmed. The same can be done with the dilo, but compies take up significantly less space so you can pack more in there, and it's also worth mentioning that they hate sleeping, and wake up very very quickly so if your base is full of them, any kind of tranquilizer will be ineffective. At the end of the day, the compy is a pest, that can become a little pet that can fit anywhere. Not exactly the most useful critter, but they do the minimum. Fun fact the compy is the smallest theorpod dinosaur on the island, but despite what most people think they are not the smallest dinosaur and they aren't even the smallest theropod. The smallest Theropod was actually the troodontid anchiornis huxleyi which was a raptor thar weighed only 110 grams, was about a foot long, and was about 4-5 inches tall. This was another excessive review by SloppyCrow

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