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I have my base on an island, surrounded by land usually filled with terror birds, brontos, raptors, rexes, gallilimuses, but also beavers. Gallilimuses, pteradactyls and beavers will hang out at my island. The beavers make their dams on my island and i have a very easy way of getting the stuff:

1. take off all your armor so the beavers dont break it.

2. Make sure there is a bed or something nearby.

3. Turn your tames on passive so they dont attack the beavers.

4. Take the stuff in the beavers' dam.

5. Let the beavers kill you.

6. Respawn and get your stuff back. The beavers wont get mad if you take it from your own inventory

7. Turn your tames back on whatever mode they were on and boom. All done.

Super easy! And you even get some free meat from your corpse

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