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Hello it’s kai the Dino guy . Thx for 23 on the Karpov tip ok here’s how to tame a carno 🔥🦕🦖

1.locate the carno you’ve Ben watching make sure he’s a loner by him self

2 you could craft a large bear trap it’s very pricey . Ok here’s the method to knock it out . Use a bear trap and club him or tranq him. Or you could stay on a rock and tranq him. I like using the belezbufo method just hit him until he knocks out .

3. Carnos can take a while to tame . They’d prefer prime meat but it would not hurt to have raw mutton

4 .keep its torpor good if you remember my last tip I use bio toxin but you could use narcotic here’s the list of most effective 1 is worst 3 is best

1narcoberries 2 narcotic 3 bio toxin

Well I hope this helped this one I had to rush

I’ll do how to tame a trike if dis hits 30

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