ok heres some quick tips for carnos(mobile edition🎆)

1/- carnos are found in jungles,redwood biome,and commonly found on top of the island but is somehow rare or none exist on the snow part of the map

2/- i know everyone knows this but for beginners you cannot bola a carno you’ll just waste your time and die

3/-you can use a pulmonoscorpius(idk if its right im lazy to check)to knockout a 100+ to 150+ carno if you have a high level big scorpion(level 200 below can do the trick or if you prefer a safer method choose a high or max level one about level 311+ or max level 450 on brutal mode)but if you dont feel safe knocking it out with a max level scorpion then build a trap that the carno can fit and cant break then put stone doorframes then start using your scorpion to knock it out

4/-(last tip)carnos can help you get out of any sticky situation being faster than a rex and a giga or other larger carnivore then the carno its primary attack is a bite attack…(literally all primary attack are bite,tail,bash,or sweep)it’s special attack is a push attack using its horns greatly doing damage to the opponent and knocking it back a safe distance from you and your carno.

hope this helps newbie’s.

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