Carno carnage

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Carno carnage

Loose Ends

Today I was flying on whirlpool near green ob when I encountered the alpha tribe. We are chill but we didn’t recognize each other so you can guess what happened. If you can’t then here’s how it went down, I landed to get stam and he came charging to me on his mana and froze me out of the air when I tried to take off. He ran out of stam and I grabbed him off of the mana, he had parachutes so it was useless to do it again. Once I typed in chat we pretended like nothing happened. I then asked him about toast and I heard something I didn’t want to hear. He said that she might have died during a raid or an attack of some sort. Saddened I told myself to tame another dark green lvl 70 female carno and name it TOAST. After all, toast was never mine, she ran away from her old owner, I just claimed her as my own.

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