This is Ch 3 of Battle of The Mountains, TRL

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This is Ch 3 of Battle of The Mountains, TRL

I woke up “Damn, you stupid mutt whoever you were, Imma kill you.” Standing up was painful from the now slightly scarring slash, “I’ll live.” I said to myself, then I go out hunting for food, stegos maybe? No not with that cut, dilos. Easy, yes but food is needed now more than ever with war on the horizon. I head west, towards the Rock Drake border, way more prey. I went there and what I saw scars me to this day, even worse than the slash on my side. A dark gray rock drake was talking to, who was it? Anubis, that idiotic mutt that tried to attack me. I listened to them “Kill that raptor or I’ll kill you, you worthless rock pile, or you’re dead” said Anubis coldly, though fury blazed in his eyes. “Yes… sir please no not death to me, not me I’ll kill him sir I will.” Said the rock drake nervously. “ You better, Srater, NOW GO!” Said Anubis, now an intense malice like a flame next to a cabin burning in his pure red eyes. The rock drake, Srater, left, looking reluctant to kill someone yet he looked like he wanted to as well, torn between obedience and his conscience, suddenly, as if on impulse I jumped in front of Anubis, my claws a inch away from tearing at his neck, suddenly, the other direwolf appeared, Terash, I think. And almost looking reluctant he stopped me.”Well done Terash, you just proved yourself loyal to me.” Suddenly a griffin swooped down and picked me up, gold and red feathers? Ra, from my adoptive parents stories, wait I think they were friends with him or something? “Who are you and why did you save me?” “Ra, I’m Ra your adoptive parents colleague. Who are you?” “Ripper, heir to the Darkscale Clan.”

End of Ch 3

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