For beginners this was my first animal i tamed,

To knock it out, you first need to get a sling shot if your mobile the gift might give you a blueprint, when you get the sling shot, see how much rock you need, best way to get rock is mine rocks with hatchet, once you get it just shoot at it and run away BUT KEEP YOUR EYES ON IT and keep shooting then give it all of your berries but if it is not enough then get more berries while it is eating it’s berries DON’T USE NARCO BERRIES (black berries that makes it more sleepy) UNLESS YOU NEED TO btw the best berry for this is mojo berry ( yummy purple berries) it is medium to get the mojo berry because you get 1 or 2 on a bush (some of them might not give it) anyways hope you enjoyed this tutorial have a good day!

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