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Prime Meat Gathering (In my world) tip:

1. Get a bronto, then get its platform saddle.

2. Build a small base with an industrial griller and other things that are useful.

3. Pair it with some large carnivores, like some rexes or gigas, and go to the badlands.

4. Command your team to attack enemies that drops prime meat upon deaths. Assist your team by riding your bronto and attack it, the higher the bronto, the stronger and tankier it is and better.

5. Gather your fallen enemies' corpse (Recommended using a Rex or Giga)

6. Get up on your platform saddle and turn on industrial griller (If want cooked) (NOTE: Please bring many gasolines for the industrial griller for cooked ones) or put in preserving bin (If want raw)

7. Enjoy your Prime Meats.

You're welcome. (No need to like :) )

-Ark Mobile Venti0122


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