A beginners guide to solo taming a Beelzebufo:

These guys can be tough because they do torpor damage, usually knocking you unconscious in two licks and then finishing you off. Also they are located in swaps which are hell equivalents. But I've discovered a trick to taming these guys super easily, as long as you've got a crossbow and narcoarrows. This trick works for taming high levels, and packs of frogs at a time too. It requires you to be near water while taming so take note of that. First find the frog/frogs you want to tame, go in the water and shoot a narco arrow to Agro it/them after you. (They hop around not an easy target sometimes) After you have them in the water after you they will circle around you but do no damage, they are really fast in the water but from there you can shoot them continuously without getting knocked out. They will run when they are about to fall, keep shooting they can breathe underwater so don't worry about an KO'ed one dying.Titanboas great 4 prime!

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