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How to tame: Beelzebufo.

You will need: Argy with saddle, 30 Narcotic, Tranq darts (reccomended) or tranq arrows, 40 fish meat, 2 bolas and a safe spot to tame. Step 1: Scour the swamp for a beelzebufo. You choose the gender. Step 2: Once you find a beelzebufo you're happy with, pick it up with your argy. Step 3: Fly to your safe spot, and drop the beelzebufo. Step 4: Bola the beelzebufo, and tranq it out with; Tranq darts, (reccomended) Tranq arrows or simple, old, fists. Step 5: Give the beelzebufo your fish meat and narcotic. Feed it narcotic whenever you think you need to. Step 6: Protect the beelzebufo with your argy. Step 7: Once it's tamed, bring it to your base with your argy. Step 8: Name it, and take your extra fish meat and narcotic and put it away for future use. Step 9: You tamed a beelzebufo! Please ^ if this was helpful!

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