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From my testing, it seems like one of these generates 20 oil in ~25 minutes, so that’s a rate of 4/5 per minute. You can refine 6 oil into 5 cans of gasoline, so 4/5 oil per minute would equate to 2/3 gasoline per minute. A fabricator burns fuel at a rate of 1 can of gasoline per 15 minutes (1/15 per minute). So basically, with a single basilosaurus of any level, it will produce enough oil to keep 10 fabricators constantly running simultaneously if you constantly collect and refine the oil it produces. Electrical generators burn gas 4 times slower than fabricators do, so a basilosaurus can produce enough oil to simultaneously and constantly power 40 generators. I wish I knew about this before travelling to the iceberg from my base in the south to gather oil : (

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