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Basilos, one of, if not, the best aquatic mount in the game. Not able to be stung by the jellyfish, healing quickly at the surface, and for being a whale for ARK's sake. They have tons of weight, damage, and, best of all, the potential for a MASSIVE health pool. I bred a fully imprinted, non-mutated Basilo for the first time today, and after killing an alpha Meg and Leedsichthys, it has nearly 200,000 health. Damage-wise, it isn't too crazy, but it is especially good for an aquatic mount. The only aquatic creatures to rival the Basilo in its capabilities are the Most and Tuso, and possibly the Plesio as well. The Miss was the original King of the Sea, but ever since Jellyfish were added, they have been in a fire need for a TLC. The Plesio is fast, but it doesn't do as much damage and is not as manuverable as the Basilo. That leaves the Tuso. It has a long reach, but Basilos are not affected by its grip. This truly proves they are the King of the Ocean.

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