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I have tamed one whale (in wild it had 125 level) in ARK:Mobile with common meat, prime meat (it was near the Deadly island with big populations of carnotaurs and argentavises) and special balm. With me were baryonyx and ichthiosaurus. I have stunned rays with baryonyx and kill them all, and after this I was feeding the whale.

Now, I have an 208lvl basilosaurus and it is imbalance! I'm fighting off megalodons, I'm sinking mosasaurs! Giant squid? Bash it! Jellyfishes and electrophoruses? Smash it! Alpha predators? Crush it! 23,600 - health, 1500 - stamina, over 200 - basic damage, and near the surface its health regenerates very quickly. The coolest underwater animal for me!

P.S. sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm russian.

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