Tried taming one of these guys.

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Tried taming one of these guys. Accidentally knocked ‘em out in the water. Moment he woke up 5 piranhas were on him. While he’s fighting he attacks a salmon. Big mistake. 10-12 of those guys start fighting him too. I get in there to help my bary and shoot a bronto by mistake. Now I’ve got piranhas, salmon and a bronto on me. I make it to shore, whistle for him to follow, and immediately get jumped by a raptor and his buddy. I hop on my pteranodon and fly away while my bary follows. Not a second later a spino and three allos (one alpha) spawn right in front of us. So now he’s gone from fighting some fish, to fighting a bronto, two raptors, a spino, and a pack of allos. Needles to say, my guy didn’t make it. RIP man, had ya for 1 whole minute.

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