It was so easy for me to tame one of these things!

Here is how:

You will need:wooden doorframes(4), wooden foundation, wooden ramp, fish, narcotics (if needed), and fish meat, bow/crossbow/longneck/slingshot, tranq ammo/rocks.

Make a trap by placing wooden doorframe on all side on a wooden foundation. Then add a wood ramp in the direction pointing to it. Fire at will, when you hit it, wait for it to be close and run through the trap. Now that it is trapped, knock it out with what you brought with you. Next, shove fish meat down its throat and narcos if needed. Bipity bopping boom! Enjoy your baryonyx but do not let it destroy other dangerous creatures if low leveled. WAIT UNTIL IT IS A HIGH LEVEL 20 AND ABOVE. Your friend, Sully πŸ¦€

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