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Trying to tame one of the most versatile cave dinos in the game? Continue reading! Before we use yet another tame slot, let's prepare for some taming! Here's what you'll want to pack:

DIFFICULTY: 4.5/10 (Fairly Easy)


-Taming Weapon + Ammo: (Bow (Tranq Arrow) Crossbow, (Tranq Arrow), Longneck (Tranq/ Shocking Tranq Darts) )

-Biotoxins/ Narcotics

-Fish Meat or Raw Prime Fish Meat

Alright, now that you're up and ready, let's go!

Now, for taming a Baryonyx, there are a few methods (ok only 2 ik):


The usual. However, there are a few modifications to this new trap. Here's what you'll need:


-1x Stone Foundation

-8x Stone Doorways

-2-3x Wooden Ramps

NOTE: I will include an extra option for this method, where wooden ramps are not needed.

Now that you have your trap built, lure the Baryonyx into the trap. Start shooting it through the gaps in the doorways until its knocked out. Put raw FISH meat (They do not eat Raw Meat or Prime Meat) in its inventory and wait for it to tame. Make sure to keep an eye on its torpor and feed it biotoxins/ narcotics if needed. However, you can also go and hunt for raw prime fish meat (No megalodon needed) if you have a sickle, where you can harvest prime fish meat from Sabertooth Salmon corpses. Wait a little while and boom! A new Baryonyx!

Now, with the second option:

You can use an Argentavis to pick up the Baryonyx and drop it into the trap, saving you some resources in that you do not need the wooden ramps. Repeat the taming process and boom! Your Baryonyx is ready!

METHOD 2: The Easy Method

The only thing you need for this method is the Bola. Find a Baryonyx (Usually found in swamps which are dangerous, but can spawn along rivers.), get it to aggro on you, and bola it while its running to you. You can try to club him but I would definitely tranq it down. Once its down, repeat the taming process mentioned above and name your new Baryonyx!

Now, onto the utilities of this creature:


Baryonyxes are great cave dinos, with decent health, melee, speed and stamina. Although there are better options for different caves, the Baryonyx is the most versatile and is great for most, if not all caves, this is due to their stats and also slender body, allowing it to fit through most slim cracks in caves. Do note that when force fed Raw Meat, the Baryonyx will not heal, but force feeding fish meat will. They also have a AoE ability that only works in water which does a tail spin attack, stunning nearby creatures (Not all of them) and doing damage (It works up to the Megalodon I believe.).

That's all I have to say about the Baryonyx. Thank you for sticking around and happy taming!


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