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They are one of the best tames. It’s also easy to tame one too!

1: They can jump. It is faster than walking and can be used to escape in a emergency.

2: Health-Pools: You might not get one that has health above 2000 but if you tame one, then upgrade, you might be able to have one above 4000 health!

3: Aquatic Carnotaurs: They swim surprisingly fast (Because it was a relative of Spinosaurus. Suchomimus is also a relative.)

4: They are pretty fast. They go as fast as raptors and if you pump weight and speed, you get a strong, high-damage, aquatic travel mount.

5: They are easy to tame. Just locate one, kill off any carnivore, then use the large bear trap and tranq arrows to knock it out. It only eats fish meat.

6: Fisher-dinos: Like the Spinosaurus, it eats a lot of fish and actually gain health from them so you won’t have to wait a eternity for them to be max health.

7: Stamina is important. It controls how much time you have to run and how much time you have to attack. Guess what the Baryonyx has?

8: They have a stun attack that stuns and deals damage to enemies nearby.

9: They do large amounts of damage and if you upgrade damage a lot, then you can 1-shot Dilophosaurs.

A 100% must get tame especially in packs. Tame it now!

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