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I think these are so underrated.

When I started playing ARK as a solo PVP player I always manage to survive by living hidden in the swamps and having tames and just the natural danger of the swamp for defense rather than relying on turrets. I'll take a swarm of well bred dimorphidons over turrets any day.

Barrys were always by far the most dangerous thing I would encounter in the swamps. A lower level wild tame is reliable. A high level wild tame is nasty but once you can get a well-bred imprinted one they can handle anything. After owning Barrys for years I finally tamed my first Rex to see what the hype was about. I was never really a fan of them due to their size but this was a Max level Tek rex. I couldn't resist. It was cool looking but I was honestly extremely disappointed in its performance. I was talking about this on the server and someone was convinced it was because it wasn't bred and imprinted. They gave me an egg from their rexes that had multiple generations of attack mutations. I fully imprinted it. Was still disappointed. Yes it has higher natural Health than a Barry but thats it. Barry kills way faster. I think it has something to do with the attack speed. Rexs are also big clunky and slow. Barry is an amphibious ATV that's stronger than large tames yet as fast and maneuverable as small tames. Small enough for caves. Can do both dry and aquatic caves. They also heal unbelievably fast while killing fish. You don't need to sit there and force feed them meat forever after they lose a few thousand health.

I've killed both alpha rexs and alpha squid with them. No other creature in the game can do that. People think I'm lying when I tell them this saying that I probably couldn't even kill an alpha carno with one.

I think many players are too obsessed with what streamers or YouTube have told them are the best creatures in the game. Or maybe just too obsessed with stats. Think outside the box. You'll be amazed at how powerful and versatile these are.

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