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These guys are the absolute best! I tamed a max lvl 150 baryonyx and bred it with my lvl 152 baryonyx and got an OP, 78% imprinted baryonyx. Her name is Moon. As of right now she is lvl 234, with 8,500 hp, 700% melee damage, and 135 movement speed. She can obliterate almost any Dino on land and sea, including rexes and spinos. Also, if you get a high level, you get of added stats per level up, and they level up insanely fast. They are the absolute BEST cave mount IMO (except for the Northwest cave, otherwise known as the cave of the sky lord, because it can not fit in the entrance, like all other cave mounts), because their long neck allows you to reach the flying dangers of the cave and it protects you from the arthroplura’s spit balls. That combined with their attack speed and amazing damage output makes it my favorite cave mount. Just watch out in the lava cave, because you can easily get pushed off into the lava or fall in the lava due to a bad jump. I am about to try out the cave of the strong, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will demolish it. It has one attack on land, which is his bite attack, along with an option to make it roar, but like the spino’s roar this does nothing. On water they have their bite attack and a tail spin that stuns nearby dinos(use button that you use to jump on land to use tail spin). On top of that, they can jump, which makes it a good travel mount, and once again, an amazing cave mount. This and the spino are my two favorite dinos as of right now, and if you are debating about getting one of these, GET ONE RIGHT NOW.

Sorry for the long rant


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