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Here's a story for ya, I was out on my Argy, Agent, and looking for a spino to tame, then I found one. It was a lvl 8, female, standing in a river munching on fishies... 20 minutes later, my heart racing, as I sprint to escape the brilliant a**hole of a spino that found my sniping spot! I escape it, just to get comfy, and turn around to see... A FRIKIN RED STRIPE SLITHERING THROUGH THE WATER TOWARDS ME! (WELL HELLO THERE) It practically gave me a heart attack! It sprang from the water, stunning me and dragging me under! Yet, as I start to suffocate, I realize that this Baryonx could be an amazing addition to my dino army! Tamed it, brought it back to base, and named her Stealth.

Thanks for reading!

(P.S. If you have ARK mobile feel free to join me in the unofficial server: APEX)

(My name is AlluringOrangutan)

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