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I had one of these guys (around lv 30) tamed and saddled and on neutral. So then i tamed a megalodon (not knowing it would be targetted by the wild megalodon) and i also had the saddle all ready and crafted, so i saddled the megalodon, then rid it to my base and the next thing you know it got attacked by the wild megalodon so my baryonyx ran towards those wild megalodon and i thought β€œO NO MY BARY IS GONNA DIE!!” but then i saw it already killed all 5 of the around lv 25 megalodons. So then i thought my baryonyx showed those megalodons who’s boss. But sadly before my bary could get there the wild megalodon already killed my megalodon. But now i know one thing. Baryonyx are killers in water.

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