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DEATH FROM ABOVE!! This is the Attack drone, also referred to sometimes as the Tek drone, in this tip I’m going to talk about where to find one, but suit yourself if your willing to go after these for any reason!

If you come face to face with one, they aren’t gonna let you hit them with a melee weapon, usually flying above you, shooting projectiles very similar to a Tek rifle.

Oh and on top of that, they have a wide view range, and upon finding you they aggro nearby defense units to your position (Although defense units have a huge aggro range, so they’re more likely to find you themselves) so how do you get rid of them? Well if your lucky enough to survive the onslaught of Tek Dinos, defense units, and yours dearly the dreaded drones. The only option is range, bows work fine, longneck rifles are a bit glitchy, but the Tek rifle is a very good option! :D

Where do you find them? They spawn only in the lunar biome on Gen: 1 (if you didn’t already know you can teleport there through the use of HLN-A) Upon killing them, they fall out of the sky… and blow up. Long story short you don’t get anything for killing them.

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