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Cool battle scenario (offense)

Setting: you are attacking a nearby enemy base on the white cliffs in crystal isles.

Creature 1: managarmr (ridden by humans, high on stam, at least 3)

Creature 2: blood stalker (carrying human, at least 2)

Creature 3: space whale (full equipped with tek saddle and 4 humans)

Scenario: the managarmrs go in first, and freeze any fliers beforetehy can take off. They then get to work on bigger creatures, while the blood stalkers come up and get rid of the smaller ones. The space whale(s) then jump in, taking out creatures with the tek turrets. When they are over the base, they drop the full arsenal of bombs, wiping out the base. They then use the hyper jump thing and teleport everyone away from the cliffs.

Up if u liked, feel free to post your own 😁😁😁

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