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Cool battle scenario

Setting: plains/hills, enemy base, raid mission

Creature 1: space whale (saddle, fully mounted with 4 people, several tek bombs ready, at least 2)

Creature 2: Yuty (mounted by human, able to scare away enemy dinos and buff allied ones, at least 1)

Creature 3: allo (mounted by humans, charging at base defenders, at least 4)

Creature 4: wyvern (mounted by human, escorting space whales, maybe carrying dodo bomb, at least 2)

Scenario: yuty roars, buffing the charging allos and scaring enemy dinos, allos charge and start taking out defenses. Space whales and wyverns arrive, and birds are sent to counter them and turrets start firing. The wyverns and tek turrets on space whales take out the enemy fliers. Other tek turrets take out enemies and turrets below. The space whales are now directly over the base, and drop their tek bombs. The allos have successfully taken out most ground defense and the base has been wiped out.

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