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The thing that makes these SO effective is that they can go in the air and in the sea. Meaning that if you are being chased through the air, you can flee to the water and vice versa. They also have a tek saddle that has one tek cannon (manned by human) on the bottom front, one (also manned by human) on the bottom back, and one (still manned by human) on the middle top. It also, being a tek saddle, can shoot from its head like all other tek saddles. Even better, it has a tek bomb feature taht teh driver can enable, and it drops a tek bomb that explodes, dealing massive damage to an area. Oh, and it can take creatures with it when warping through hyperspace. The only problem is that it’s so slow, and when I had one even with wandering off it would just go wherever. It was a bug probably fixed by now, but it doesn’t even fit through a behemoth gateway, and it’s also really slow. It does have its own attacks, but they aren’t that effective.

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