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Once apon a time in the lunar biom a lonely little zapper (me) saw a giant friggin space whale and it started chasing after him he was so cold he couldn’t move and as the whale got closer little ol zapper tried to speak whale oooOoOOOOOAGGHhIOOOOOhuff puff and the whale farted right over him but then he realised that it wasn’t trying to hurt him it was running from a swarm of tek rexs and then he tried speaking Rex and said roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar and the rexs darted right past him but then he noticed that them to weren’t trying to hurt anybody they were running as well and this time from a buck of tek gigas and again he said roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar but then then to weren’t hurting anything they were running from a dodo and at this point little ol zapper knew he wasn’t gonna make it

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