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reasons why YOU should tame an arthro

#1 these guys hit like a TANK

Not only do they have good melee (if u level it to have good melee) but they deal torpor which is great for taming in my opinion.

#2 they can destroy tek metal and wood structures

I play on a VERY wealthy server so metal bases are not rare at all but I haven’t seen much tek yet my arthro is very useful especially when raiding. You can easily get into and base (but thatch) useing this tame.

#3 other animals don’t attack it

If you are riding an arthro you will not be attacked by any wild animals great for running strong cave. And animals will not attack an arthro back if it attacks a wild animal.

#4 the arthro spits acid

The arthro has a turrent mode which allows it to shoot acid at enemy tames players and wild animals this ability makes it good for sitting on a rock and firing downward at your target like a poisonous Erie turrent.

We’ll hope this helps people im making more on other helpful tames -swiftwind9105

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