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Lemme tell y’all how to kill or tame this bad boi. If you wanna kill, aim for it’s face. Only use longnecks or high quality sniper rifles to kill. Use spyglasses to check the level. They will also(once they spot you) follow you everywhere while spitting some of its blood at regular intervals. Beelzebufos and ascendant hide armour( easily repairable) can help you evade the spits. If it follows you in the water(mostly inside the middle chamber or the the cave in the south), it can be tamed. No need for ghillie or repellant, just let it follow you in water, it will lose aggro to everything, including your frog, as long as you are submerged. Weakness is guns, or explosives, (3x + 4.5x[headshot multiplier] gun damage and a 5x multiplier for explosives). Use spoiled meat if you don’t have the resources for the broth of enlightenment. Up this if you found helpful. :)

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