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For your first, the Northeast Shores, there are a few that spawn there but beware of Rexes, Allos, Carnos and Raptors, also the beach head along the northwest coast, just short of the snow biome. Other than that, they spawn on mountain tops - but that's more dangerous area.

Best advice: Tame a pteranodon first. Kite the prospective Argie to a safe location and into a trap. Tranq with a crossbow (bow can kill) and tame with prime meat, mutton or kibble.

Argie traps:

1. Trapper Raft. Must have ceiling and two doors. Pros- can be sailed close to location and tame on water away from potential threats. Cons - initial investment of time + material.

2. Dino Gate trap.

4 stone gates placed sequentially half a foundation apart with doors on first and last. Lure into the trap on ptera and close gate behind you, dismount, close 2nd gate. Cons - exposed to smaller predators during taming. Use spiked wall perimeter.

Use stone, can destroy wood/thatch.

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