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At first I didnt know Bolas didn’t work on Argys..Welp. I went full on psycho, charged head in and shot it 6 times in the head. It was lvl 11 and it got knocked out after 6 shots, But please be careful with T.Arrows as they can easily kill ur Argy since it left him on 68 HP ;-; I tamed another argy later on and it left it on 154 HP. (Lvl 18) so please keep that in mind and don’t go psycho on the poor argy like me. I DO NOT RECOMMENT FACING AN ARGY HEAD ON LIKE MEH! Im just a stupid daredevil ;-; but it is possible, I didn’t take much damage. Just that my armor broke and i almost froze to death. I found a lot of argys’ in the RedWoods. Good Luck!

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