HOW TO GET IT TAMED FAST! First get soothing balm! You can do this by going into any cave and grabbing the artifact! You don’t have to make it out the cave alive btw! Then tribute so you get rewards but before you do! Save curent game then tribute, so that way you can get easy soothing balm by restoring if you dies t get it! Easy words for this is: get balm by saving game then tribute and restore game until you get balm! You can also just save game in caves to not fight monsters, because when you save they go away! And if you want to be safe then use ur camera to look through the ground and walls withougt having risk! TADA now you can cheEEAt with minimal effort to get rewards and amber if your lucky when you tribute! MAKE THE ARROW POINT TOWARDS SOMETHING ABOVE YOU IF THIS WAS HELPFUL! also you need some raw meat to feed it, and the purple balm. By:Just your fellow helper

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