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Ark: asc

Easiest way to solo tame:

(Don't know who invented. Saw it in game but not instructions in dodo dex.

1 stone foundation (1 pillar and 2 ceiling to save spawns)

4 stone walls

1 roof

1 door

Find an area with argents either put down foundation (or pillar and ceiling combo.), next turn 4 walls into double doorway and build a box out ofthose. Put roof on top and then put the door on the left or right side of roof not front or back. When done it should loosely resemble a glass box trimmed in stone with the lid open and a door on one side.

With door closed fly pteradon to argy get it aggroed to Petra and slow fly through "open box lid" of trap and out the doorway in the back. Immediately dismount run to side with door and open it. Tada trapped argent. It cannot fly out with door open.

If you have a good enough rifle, you can matador one. If lag is not to bad and you are good shot you can knock it when it tries to retreat.

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