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(Unpatched December 2022) How to instant tame an argentavis eliminating the need for narcotics-

Equipment: Tranq arrows w crossbow (or anything else), standard 3 gateway argy trap, dead creature of any kind, this isnt exactly required but a magnifying glass is incredibly helpful

Method: Trap the argentavis and tranq it until it starts fleeing due to high torpor, drag dead creature into trap with argy and wait until it is eaten and it receives a healing effect. The moment the creature is consumed you must knock out the bird as fast as possible, the faster the better the effect. If done correctly the argentavis’ food should drop by multiple thousands allowing you to insta tame. Usually what I do on official is I get a vulture and make it harvest and store mutton (it lasts two hours on its inventory but it cannot be inserted there you must put it on aggressive and on your shoulder and harvest a dead ovis) and do this glitch and tame a few 130+ argentavis’ in 15-30 minutes.

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