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These guys are the most useful and the most annoying creatures in the mobile version. I’ve tamed a few of them, you just need a few tranq arrows and plenty of meat. They’re most common in the northern half of the map but if you don’t enjoy freezing to death go to carno inland (the desolate chunk of rock in the north east corner of the map where nubs go to die) where there’ll probably be a few low level argys (that short for argentavis) flapping around. Just shoot one full of tranq arrows somewhere away from the usual carnage found in places on carno island. If you can’t get one to come at you kill something, a sabertooth should do the trick, and an argy should try to eat it, (and yes, the pesky vultures can and will try to steal your kills) they can smell corpses from far away. Hit /\ so nubs see. This is for the mobile version, made by choptamer. You can find me on the official server weathertop, unless you have a present for me stay away.

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