Hi! It's astro again, leaving tips on dinos that you may want to tame.

The easy way on taming an argy/Agrentavis is to build a trap with dinosaur gates (Mostly stone regular dinosaur gates, not behemoth.) You place the gates in a row leaving you enough space to run out of the side. you put 2 doors on either side of the trap !!NOT ALL THE GATES. JUTS THE 2 ON THE ENDS!!, You will open the side with the argy, and keep the other side closed. You agro the argy, and run into the trap, and as it follows you, you're going to run out in one of the side cracks, loop around to the open door, and shut it.

Then you tranq the argy and hope for it to knock out. Then you feed it Prime meat, raw meat, mutton, or kibble (best ones)

If you run out of tranq arrows, do not panic, the argentavis' torpor is very low and will not drain a lot. Go back to your base, make more, the go back and keep tranqing. If your base is far away, ask a friend to keep come over with arrows and bring them to you.

Why is the argy good? Whats its purpose?

Well the argy is very good for carrying items. It has a reduced weight thing with stone, metal, metal ingots, and more. It will split it in half, making the difference by carrying twice as more to your base than needed

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