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I tried a few times to tame one and it was a nightmare. Here is what happened:

-First I tried to get close with my ptera and it got attacked. It doesn't matter how powerfull your ptera is, an argy level 2 will kill it!

-After that I landed in a safe place, but when I shooted an argy, I got attacked by it AND a few "saberteeth". They cut me like a piece of paper!

-Long story short, I knocked an argy out but it got eated in front of me by those same angry cats!!

-I parked my ptera in a safe place (check). I climbed so the cat didn't catch me (check). I foud a good argy and tried to knock it out, but when I moved a bit to aim, I FELL FROM THE FORKING MOUNTAIN AND DIED!!!!!!

After a few days I tamed a spino and found it easier.

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