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Are u tired getting surrounded by a lot of argentavis?

I have some few tips to tame an argentavis

First of lets prepared the food ur gonna need from most effective to least effective

Stegosaurus kibble/mobile

Raw mutton

Raw prime meat

Raw prime fish meat

Cooked prime meat

And coocked prime meat

I only reccomend using the kibble or the raw prime meat it wouldnt to have cooked prime meat just incase. Argentavis can be found at mountains and snow biomes, to tame this ur gonna need to build atleast 5 stone dinosar gate way, then lure the argentavis to the stone gateway and close the door before the argy escape, then shoot it with tanq darts or trang arrow as pleasure until its knocked, the second one is a little bit dangerous ur kinda wanna need a mount that can run fast tankie and mount that u can use weapons such as raptor equus or baronyx. Shoot it until its knocked out, the item that im reccomending to maintain its torpor is bio toxin or narcotics. Make sure u maintain its torpor so it dosent wake up until its tamed!

Now for the bonus info. Argentavis saddle can be unlocked at level 62, argentavis is a scavenger means they will only go for a dead animals body....the argy can also heal when u ride it to dead body and it will gain rapid regeneration

I guess thats all i can tell and have ur selfs a very good day

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