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Easy to tame, steps:

1) Bring a knockout weapon (I like to use a crossbow) and tranqs (around 20-30) and taming food (meat or their kibble)

2) Find one, they are common on all the mountains on The Island

3) Doesn’t really matter what level, as they are all easy to tame, so just find the highest level

4) Aggro it by shooting it with your tranqs

5) It will start chasing you, but it’s slow, so just run, shoot, run, shoot until it gets knocked out

6) Give it its food (meat or their kibble) and Voila! No narcotics needed, and you just got yourself a big eagle that is great for storing metal and moving it around!

As a side note, if you knock them out while they’re regening after eating a corpse, it’s food drops very low, and will eat all of the taming food at once, causing an instant tame!

For more spawn location details for other maps, go to Google, search up “ark argentavis”, click it’s wiki page and scroll down to find its spawn locations on all maps!

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