Scorched earth tip . Firstly get a moth so you have a basic flying mount , the. Fly over to the moutains , as the mountains are high if you knock out on them it's easy to end up with nothing being able to get to you at all hence an easy hassle free tame . Only issue is the tend to want to fly off once your close to knocking them out and this can compromise were you want them to land , if your going for something sub level 20 hit it with 2 body shots this will not raise the torpor enough for it to want to fly off , finally hit the 3rd shot in the head this will cause it to turn around but generally it will fall pretty quickly afterward , if it lands on a slope just make sure you can 2 pillars and a few celings this way you can make a safe ledge to stand on while the tame is complete . I've done this several times and not lost one yet

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