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How I Tame Argys (works every time)!

Step One: Make 4 or 3 stone dino gate frames. Must be stone or else the argy will break free!

Step Two: Make 2 reinforced dino gateways. Must be reinforced or else the argy will break free!

Step Three: Place your dino gates in single file, at least one opening for you to escape from is required. Ensure that the opening is small enough so the argy can’t fly through, but big enough that you can walk through. (This is easier than it sounds).

Step Four: Place one of the dino gateways at the back of your trap. Keep the other in your hot bar.

Step Five: Lure the argy into the trap by hitting/shooting it, place the door at the front of the trap when the argy is inside the trap. Finally, escape.

Step Six: Tame your argy!

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