The Argy is not just an amazing beginning tame, but also a mid and end game tame. Even after you get tekgrams(blueprints after you kill bosses) or even if you have tek, you will still use them. They are the best for PvP because they are slow, but they reduce metal, crystal, stone, and obsidian by half and if you have an Anky(spike ball tail dino) it will also reduce the metal by 50%. That's why you see people using these two dinos together because the weight after you pick up the anky will be 25% of the actual weight. Here's a tip, just use 3 to 4 stone gates and two gate doors( don't use behemoth) to trap it with tranqs or darts. If you don't want to wait for it to starve before you tame then when it runs away or is high torpor drag a dead body, player, dino whatever and let it eat it. Knock it out before the green glow disappears and it'll have almost 0 food. Have a great day.

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