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How to tame one easy : get a pteranodon with saddle, get icthy with saddle, find nearby leed, and get tranq arrows (35 or 40 maybe.) step 1: mount your icthy, and scrape meat off of a leed until you get prime fish meat ( one leed is in front of my base, one is near me, one is at herbivore island, one is half way to herbi island, for me.) step two: get 35 or 40 tranq arrows ( you might miss and you need alot to knock it out)

step three: fly to red peak on pteranodon (make sure its attack target) find a flying, solo argy. step 4: aim and shoot at it, when it flys at you its even better the target gets wider step 5: once its unconsious put prime in its inventory step 6: there is your very own argy!

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