I had one of these called Revelation.

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I had one of these called Revelation. He was a fighter and did whatever I needed to be done. We had a ton of metal and raw prime meat runs and accomplished a lot and succeeded every time. But one day, we were doing another metal run and we were jumped by a gang of allosaurs (Like 4) and he fought and killed and saved me from my potential death. I saw one allo body get flung off the mountain. Then a second one. Than a third. But then I saw my argy, all bloody and worn, get dealt the final crushing blow to the head and it demolished him. I screamed out of anger and lashed at the allo. I was able to kill it and when it was over I slowly approached my fallen brethren and took his inventory and made an memorial for him. I call it the House of Revelation. Most importantly, I wrote a book about his life at the end of the hall. I make sure I visit it everyday and I have two high level argys on waiter side of the door and several trodoons inside. I miss you buddy... until I see you again.......

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