Argy is one of the best tools to acquire in ark. And will make your taming and overall base work easier.

So you have a Argy area close by. How to get it without dying? There is a few ways but simplest is doing a pen. This pen can be used on other big flyers so recommend to built this where you have a mix of flyers around.

It's basically a 6*2 pen. And to be able to fit let's say a griffin as well make it 4 high as well. Double door frames or doorframe to make the walls. Out dino gates in both ends. But in the middle you put a two doorframe high wall as well. This stops at least the griff and an Argy if he flies low enough. You can set one more and just remove it if you going for something else.

Anyway once set you use a Pteradon, make the Argy fallow you. Fly in and close gates. Sometimes it can take a few tries but it's just how it is. And tada, there is your new best buddy.

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