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Looking for the safest way to tame an Argy in the Redwoods? Here's your guide!

Step 1, grab a Pteranodon and fly over to the Red Peak.

Step 2, set up a little camp and build your trap, I used the 5 stone gateframes and the reinforced gates with a bit of space between each

Step 3, find your Argy

Step 4, lead them to the trap

Step 5, hover at the entrance and wait for them to be right behind you

Step 6, fly in

Step 7, the Argy should be in there, and if you have any other tames, aggro onto your other tames until the gate starts to close

Step 8, close the gate

Step 9, knock it out, or do the starve feeding glitch

Step 10, give it any meat, raw meat gives about 10% per feeding so it's not that bad

Step 11, wait for a bit

Step 12, name your new Argy!

Good luck and use this info how you will! I tamed my two Argies, Kokichi and Shuichi, with this

Happy and safe hunting! ^^

~Meteor, Oct. 5, 2020

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