Cypher's Tip

An Argentavis is a portable Smithy as well as a transporter. They have many weight reduction bonuses that will help you, should you ever need to move around and require a Smithy or you just need to transport some items.

They can pick up most creatures provided that they are not twice it's size. They are one of the most useful tames of all time. They are not a great creature for speed but they are efficient at transporting.

Taming one will be difficult. Having a Longneck Rifle with a Tranq Darts is best. The kibble is great but Mutton and Prime Meat works best. Be prepared to give it a chase once it runs off after it's Torpo is on above 50%. They tend to fly off very high.

If you plan on giving it a chase, make suee you have a mount that can outrun it first. A Direwolf or any other land mounts that can shoot while mounted is minimum.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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